Considering the addition of a portable building to your property in Pennsylvania? Portable buildings can enhance various types of properties, prompting homeowners to ask the common question: ‘Do I require a permit for a portable building?’

Here at LMJ Sheds, we recognize the intricacies and subtleties involved in this procedure. In this guide, we will elucidate the crucial steps in obtaining a permit for your portable shed or clubhouse.

In accordance with the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code, sheds under 1,000 square feet typically do not require a permit. Nevertheless, local jurisdictions have the authority to modify their building codes, subject to approval. Consequently, in numerous cities and counties across Pennsylvania, a shed permit may be necessary for structures ranging from 100 to 200 square feet. Additionally, it’s important to note that if the shed is intended to be a permanent structure or will include electrical or plumbing installations, a permit may be required.

Even if your shed falls below the specified size threshold, a zoning permit is generally mandated in most jurisdictions. Here are some of our most popular delivery locations. Remember that we offer free delivery up to 50 miles from our locations and a small fee each mile after.

Permit in Scranton for Portable Shed

Permit in Lackawanna County for Portable Shed

Permit in Luzerne County for Portable Shed

Permit in Susquehanna County for Portable Shed

Permit in Wayne County for Portable Shed


Gaining a shed permit in PA is easy! Basically, it comes down to doing the following things:

  1. Check out your local government’s web page.
  2. See what their requirements are for shed permits and zoning. 
  3. If unclear, use the contact information provided. 
  4. Find the permit application on the website. 
  5. Many areas in PA require you to drop off a physical permit/zoning application to their government office. However, some jurisdictions do allow emailed copies. 


In Pennsylvania, shed permits typically range from $50 to $200, contingent upon factors such as size, cost, and location. To ascertain the precise cost of a shed permit in your area, it is advisable to reach out to your local government responsible for issuing building permits.

Moreover, it’s essential to note that in most municipalities, zoning permits are mandatory, with an average cost of approximately $50.

Well, there you have it! Generally, sheds exceeding 120 square feet in Pennsylvania will require a building permit. However, it’s important to note that regulations may vary across different cities and counties in the state. If you have any inquiries about garage permit regulations in Pennsylvania, feel free to contact us.

Now that your permits are sorted, you can start envisioning your shed by obtaining a free estimate on one of our sheds or designing your own in 3D.