Proper site preparation is an important part of your investment in a building. Site prep for sheds is critical, making sure you have a level site for your building before delivery. Block site preparation has become common to the storage building industry. Years of history has shows that it is a successful way to support a building while keeping it off the ground. Ideally your site should be no more than 8” off of level for the block site prep to be installed by your delivery driver. Basically, what happens is 2” or 4” thick concrete blocks are place on the ground starting on the uphill side of the building, then leveled from there. Blocks are placed approximately every 6’ under every 4×4 runner. Shims and treated wedges are used when needed. The mule (machine similar to a forklift specifically used for storage buildings) will usually be used to set your buildings on block. A 6’ area on each end of the building is needed to maneuver the building. It is very important that you, as the customer, know where you want the building before it is delivered. For example, marking the 4 corners will give you a good idea of how the building will fit at your location. Keep in mind that the delivery driver will need a clear path for access – 2 ft. wider than your building and 14 ft. high.

If you are looking for an estimate on site prep, we offer free estimates for gravel and concrete pads with our sister company Lawn and Order Landscaping.