So, you just put in a new storage shed and want to start off on the right foot. The beautiful, practical structure you just put in is waiting to be filled up with your items. However, things can get out of hand quickly and organizing your new storage shed can be overwhelming.

In order to get the most out of your space, it’s important to get organized right away. Here are our top tips for organizing your new storage shed.

Declutter Your Tools and Supplies

The first step to organizing your shed is by going through what you have and getting rid of any excess. ParingPairing down your tools and supplies to your best items will help decrease clutter in your shed. Throw out any broken tools or supplies you don’t have a use for in the near future. Donate the items that are in good shape but aren’t things you typically reach for when choosing a tool.

Consider whether project items are worth keeping if you’ve been sitting on them a while. If you do decide to keep project items, give yourself a deadline to complete your project or donate the supplies so they aren’t taking up space.

Add Shelving and Racks

Shelves are one of the most common organizational assets people add to a storage shed to increase their organizational space. You can add built-in shelving, attach shelving to the walls or buy a shelf that is assembled separately and placed in the shed. Shelves are great for storing larger items, boxes, pots and more. Racks can be used to keep things like longer tools or loose lumber in place.

Consider what you want to place on your racks or shelves before deciding how much to add. You might find that some shelving along the one side, the corner or the back of the shed is enough to hold the items you plan to place there. Consider adding a high shelf all the way around the top of the shed wall to utilize your vertical space. Use the shed space from the floor to the ceiling to get the most out of your building. Clearly label any bins or boxes so you don’t forget what is in them!

Choose Your Hangers

Hooks, magnetic strips and other organizing features can help keep your tools organized and easily accessible. Choose your hangers based on the kinds of tools you have; heavy yard tools will need larger hanging hooks than smaller tools. Give yourself room to grow with a few extra hooks so you aren’t cramming in new items later.

Consider Cabinets

Do you want to lock away some of your supplies? Cabinets can offer a great way to organize certain tools while hiding away the clutter at the same time. Use inside cabinets to lock up toxic chemicals or special items you want to keep away from pets or kids. Hang exterior cabinets on your storage shed for tools you want easily accessible. Exterior cabinets aren’t just convenient—they can even expand your storage shed’s capacity.

Organize for Useability

Organize your tools and supplies by frequent use. Place the tools you need accessible near the entrance and ready to grab easily. Place items that aren’t used as frequently towards the back. Look for storage solutions that make it easy to return tools to the right place so your shed stays organized.

You might want to organize your shed by like items, keeping gardening tools in one section or pool items in another. By organizing items of the same type in certain sections, you may find it easier to find and put away your things.

Winterize and Spring Cleaning

Don’t think of this as a one-time job. Organizing once isn’t going to keep your shed in good condition indefinitely, so choose a time during the fall and spring seasons to reevaluate and reorganize your space. Taking time to sort out your shed twice a year will help keep it in great working condition.

We want to make sure you are getting the most out of your new organizational structure. If you need help with your shed or have any questions, feel free to reach out!

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